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2024 Vol. 10, No. 2

Cover Story

Migrasomes are a novel type of cell organelle that form on the retraction fibers at the rear of migrating cells. In recent years, numerous studies have unveiled the mechanisms of migrasome formation and have highlighted significant roles of migrasomes in both physiological and pathological processes. Building upon the strategies outlined in published works and the research experiences, the authors have compiled a comprehensive set of protocols for observing migrasomes. These step-by-step instructions encompass various aspects such as cell culture, labeling, imaging, in itro reconstitution, and statistical analysis. The authors believe that these protocols serve as a valuable resource for researchers exploring migrasome biology.

Enrichment of ER tubule-derived microsomes by differential centrifugation and immunoprecipitation
Seeing is believing: observation of migrasomes
Detection of ribophagy in yeast and mammals
Co-immunoprecipitation for identifying protein–protein interaction on lipid droplets
Exploring lysosomal biology: current approaches and methods
Morphological determination of localization and function of Golgi proteins
EVEscape: Revealing potential escape sites based on the viral variation landscape