Articles in press have been peer-reviewed and accepted, which are not yet assigned to volumes /issues, but are citable by Digital Object Identifier (DOI).
Probing lysosomal activity in vivo
A quantitative method to assess bacterial adhesion using recombinant bioluminescent Pseudomonas aeruginosa
The influence of tumour vasculature on fluid flow in solid tumours: a mathematical modelling study
Study on the spatial distribution patterns of histone modifications in Hippo pathway genes
Structurally reconfigurable designer RNA structures for nanomachines
Nanozymes with bioorthogonal reaction for intelligence nanorobots
The prototypes of nanozyme-based nanorobots
Recent advances in the construction of nanozyme-based logic gates
Recent advances of DNAzyme-based nanotherapeutic platform in cancer gene therapy
The microgravity enhanced polymer-mediated siRNA gene silence by improving cellular uptake
Amphiphilic peptide dendrimer-based nanovehicles for safe and effective siRNA delivery
ExoHCR: a sensitive assay to profile PD-L1 level on tumor exosomes for immunotherapeutic prognosis