Articles in press have been peer-reviewed and accepted, which are not yet assigned to volumes /issues, but are citable by Digital Object Identifier (DOI).
Tumor type classification and candidate cancer-specific biomarkers discovery via semi-supervised learning
Antioxidant activity of the thioredoxin system
GNA12 regulates C5a-induced migration by downregulating C5aR1-PLCβ2-PI3K-AKT-ERK1/2 signaling
Deep condolences to Professor Fuyu Yang
Measurement of ATGL activity using adiposomes
Multi-phase separation in mitochondrial nucleoids and eukaryotic nuclei
Integrated proteomic and phosphoproteomic data-independent acquisition data evaluate the personalized drug responses of primary and metastatic tumors in colorectal cancer
Fast cross-linking by DOPA2 promotes the capturing of a stereospecific protein complex over nonspecific encounter complexes
DIA-MS2pep: a library-free framework for comprehensive peptide identification from data-independent acquisition data
A protocol of using PTMiner for quality control and localization of protein modifications identified by open or closed search of tandem mass spectra
Identifying intact N-glycopeptides from tandem mass spectrometry data using StrucGP
Synergistic glycolysis disturbance for cancer therapy by a MOF-based nanospoiler
(Tn5-)FISH-based imaging in the era of 3D/spatial genomics