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The gut–liver axis calibrates PEDF production for ISC homeostasis
Streamlined process for effective and strand-selective mitochondrial base editing using mitoBEs
Met1-linked ubiquitination in cell signaling regulation
Developing ChatGPT for biology and medicine: a complete review of biomedical question answering
Assaying sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+-leak in mouse atrial myocytes
The Golgi Ca2+ stores, and original contributions by Prof. Shao Bai Xue
Oligomeric rearrangement may regulate channel activity
Simultaneous detection of dynamic calcium signaling and ERK activity in living cells
Enrichment of ER tubule-derived microsomes by differential centrifugation and immunoprecipitation
Seeing is believing: observation of migrasomes
Detection of ribophagy in yeast and mammals
Co-immunoprecipitation for identifying protein–protein interaction on lipid droplets
Exploring lysosomal biology: current approaches and methods
Morphological determination of localization and function of Golgi proteins
EVEscape: Revealing potential escape sites based on the viral variation landscape