From Editor-in-Chief

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I am delighted that submissions are now open for the brand new open access journal, Biophysics Reports. | I am pleased to be joined by this distinguished Editorial Board..

I am proud to be launching this journal together with SpringerOpen, the most active open access publisher in the physical sciences. I am equally proud to be working with the Biophysical Society of China, and Biophysics Reports is the society’s official journal.

With Biophysics Reports, we will provide a resource on novel theories, methods, protocols and improvements on basic research techniques in the biological and biomedical sciences.

Reasons to publish with us

●  Rigorous peer review

●  Free of charge for submission/publication

●  Rapid publication upon acceptance

●  Compliance with all open access mandates.

And you can download all the details and instructions for publishing in Biophysics Reports here.

Tao Xu

Institute of Biophysics, CAS


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