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2023, Volume 9,  Issue 3

Cover Story

According to “Journey to the West”, the Monkey King, known as Sun Wu-kong in Chinese, was born from a magic stone. This stone monkey was nourished by the essence of heaven and earth. The mitochondrial nucleoid is not just a spherical sub-organelle structure for storing genetic material; it’s also responsible for mtDNA replication and transcription. The authors demonstrate that TFAM undergoes phase separation with mtDNA, which drives the nucleoid self-assembly and reveals a new pattern of multi-phase separation in regulating mitochondrial transcription, which orchestrates the multi-function of TFAM in the mitochondrial nucleoid organization and transcription. On the cover, the multi-layered structure of the monkey, in-cubated from stone, just likes the multi-layered structure of mitochondrial nucleoid, and the mountain looks like the cristae of mitochondria.

Multi-phase separation in mitochondrial nucleoids and eukaryotic nuclei
Isolation and proteomic study of fish liver lipid droplets
Synergistic glycolysis disturbance for cancer therapy by a MOF-based nanospoiler
M6A RNA methylation modification and tumor immune microenvironment in lung adenocarcinoma
Insights into human eNOS, nNOS and iNOS structures and medicinal indications from statistical analyses of their interactions with bound compounds