Articles in press have been peer-reviewed and accepted, which are not yet assigned to volumes /issues, but are citable by Digital Object Identifier (DOI).
APTAnet: an atom-level peptide-TCR interaction affinity prediction model
Met1-linked ubiquitination in cell signaling regulation
Developing ChatGPT for biology and medicine: a complete review of biomedical question answering
Detection of ribophagy in yeast and mammals
Enrichment of ER tubule-derived microsomes by differential centrifugation and immunoprecipitation
Co-immunoprecipitation for identifying protein-protein interaction on lipid droplets
An optimized method of culturing neurons based on polyacrylamide gel
Screening for metastasis-related genes in mouse melanoma cells through sequential tail vein injection
Catecholaminergic neurons orchestrate fasting-induced immune harmony
EVEscape: Revealing potential escape sites based on the viral variation landscape
Seeing is believing: observation of migrasomes
A practical guide for fast implementation of SNARE-mediated liposome fusion
Assaying sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+-leak in mouse atrial myocytes
Exploring lysosomal biology: current approaches and methods
The Golgi Ca2+ stores, and original contributions by Prof. Shao Bai Xue
Life under tension: the relevance of force on biological polymers
Generation and characterization of nanobodies targeting GPCR
Oligomeric rearrangement may regulate channel activity
Simultaneous detection of dynamic calcium signaling and ERK activity in living cells
Rapid quantification of 50 fatty acids in small amounts of biological samples for population molecular phenotyping
Establishment of a Fah-LSL mouse model to study BEC-to-hepatocyte conversion
Nucleoside deaminases: the key players in base editing toolkit
Regulation of cellular senescence by innate immunity
An artificial intelligence model for embryo selection in preimplantation DNA methylation screening in assisted reproductive technology