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Aims and Scope

Biophysics Reports is a new international open-access journal to be launched in 2015. Biophysics Reports will offer a worldwide forum for publishing novel theories, methods, protocols and significant improvements on basic research techniques in multidisciplinary areas of the biological and biomedical sciences.

The journal welcomes submissions reporting on methods and/or techniques including but not limited to those used in: biophysics, cell biology, immunology, membrane biology, redox biology, photobiology, neurobiology, oncology, biochemistry, biomechanics and mechanobiology, structural biology, molecular imaging, electron microscopy, computational biology, bioinformatics, nano biomedicine, genetics, model organisms, protein science, developmental biology, and omics. The submission of research articles including data based on specific methods or techniques are also encouraged. The article types include: methods, protocols, original articles, reviews/mini-reviews, puncta, etc.

As the official journal of the Biophysical Society of China, Biophysics Reports ensures an unbiased and expedient peer-reviewing process and offers open access publishing. The article-processing charges for this journal are kindly sponsored by the Biophysical Society of China and the Institute of Biophysics, CAS. As such, authors can publish in the journal without any additional charges.



Puncta: Essentially auto-commentary by inviting authors of the most significant recent and forthcoming papers, published elsewhere, to provide a short summary with additional insights, new interpretations or speculation on the relevant topic.

News & Views: Interesting or important comments and clarifications on novel methodological advances that have been involved in life science researches.

Methods: Novel methods permitting experiments, measurements or computations that were not possible before.

Protocols: Collection of authoritative protocols focusing on techniques involved in a particularly broad range of topics, which shall not only include recently developed procedures but also contain 'old classics' or especially timely protocols for particular subsets of our audience.

Reviews: In-depth review articles presenting authoritative and up-to-date surveys, synthesis and evaluation of the hot topics and trends in the field concerning theory, methods and techniques involved in biological and biomedical sciences.

Research Articles: Original articles reporting the application of new methods that address to certain important biological questions, and results shall demonstrate the significance of new methods in comparison with existed approaches or techniques.


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